Comics for kids


Diagnoscan has created a series of comics for children to present certain modalities.

The series for kids intends to show them clearly the importance of diagnostic imaging. The first part of the series entitled “Anka and the Flashlight” tells them about Anka, the colicky little girl and how the doctor finds out with her strange flashlight, that is her ultrasound device, that Anka is likely to have an upset stomach.

The comics approach appears to be an excellent method to show the importance of diagnostic imaging for children and particularly their parents in an easy-to-understand way. The repertoire includes ultrasound, x-ray, MRI and CT examination.

In the second part of Diagnoscans’ comics series titled “Luca and the heavy cloak” Luca is fallen during skating and he is not able to stand up. His girlfriend, Panna took him to the diagnostic center where an X-ray examination takes place.

Following a conventional film X-ray examination with the appropriate shielding, lead covering, it is found that Luca’s leg was broken.

In the third part of Diagnoscans comics series titled “Buddy in the spacecraft,” Buddy has a terrible headache, so his mom takes him to the diagnostic centre where the doctor recommends MRI scan. Buddy is very frightened, but soon becomes quite curious when it turns out that he has to lie in a special spacecraft and he also gets a special helmet. Inside the machine Buddy realizes that MRI scan is “very cool”.

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