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Our screening packages concentrating on young men, contain examinations that monitor the status of young and less young men, taking their physical characteristics and lifestyle into account.

In the standard screening package compiled for men under 40 years we assess the current status of the abdominal and pelvic organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas, urinary bladder, spleen, abdominal and pelvic lymph nodes) and, the thyroid gland with ultrasound and the current status of the lung with traditional X-ray examination. The screening package also includes laboratory examination (liver function, kidney function, blood lipids, blood glucose, complete blood count, PSA) and urinalysis which help obtain more information on the body status. The PSA value shows the amount of the prostate-specific antigen protein in the blood. It is a sensitive marker of prostate cancers and inflammatory processes. In case of known cancer the rise in its value suspects the renewal of the cancer or the occurrence of metastasis.

Compared to the standard screening package our extra screening package contains the carotid arteries color Doppler ultrasound and the ultrasound of the testicles. The carotid arteries color Doppler ultrasound is the most efficient screening examination to monitor the status of the arteries. This is essential in case of smoking, stress, high blood pressure disease and diabetes as arteries might be affected by these conditions. As part of the package testicle ultrasound is also performed because, along with regular self-examination at home, it is essential to reveal lesions that cannot be identified with testicular self-examination.

Due to smoking the risk of chronic bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer is increasing. About 80% of lung cancer patients are smokers, therefore, it is crucial that they attend regular screenings. In addition to the contents of the extra package, we added chest CT examination to our screening package for smokers. This examination is performed with 1/3 of the original radiation dose, concentrating on the lung tissue. During the examination thin-layer section images can be taken of the entire lung with one breath, and by doing so, plexuses of only a few millimetres in size can be recognised, their location and size can be accurately assessed. Since the radiation beam comes from more directions, it can examine the most hidden areas (area behind the ribs, apex, thoracic inlet) which are usually less “visible” for the traditional X-ray.

  Standard Extra Extra dohányos
Has-kismedence UH x x x
Pajzsmirigy és lágyrész UH x x x
Mellkas RTG, kétirányú x x x
Nyaki erek Doppler UH x x x
Here UH x x x
Rutin labor, vizelet vizsgálat, PSA x x x
Mellkas CT, alacsony sugárdózisú x x x
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Képalkotó szűrőcsomag fiatal férfiaknak

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