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Visszahívást kérek

Conditions for users

Users may visit the website (hereinafter referred to as: website) to their own responsibility only. By visiting the website you declare to accept the terms and conditions below. These conditions may anytime be subject to unilateral change by Affidea Diagnostics Ltd.

Affidea Diagnostics Ltd. makes every reasonable effort in order that information disclosed on the website should be updated, true and precise. The disclosed information – despite the fact that the website pages are accessible for users of any other country – are valid exclusively on the territory of Hungary.


  1. Entering this website either as guest or registered user you take note, acknowledge and keep yourself bound to the Conditions for Users as detailed below (hereinafter referred to as: Conditions) just as if you had signed an agreement with Diagnoscan Magyarország Kft (hereinafter referred to as: Provider, Euromedic). Therefore it is important that you (hereinafter referred to as: User, you or your) carefully read these conditions and take note of it.
  2. Should you fail to accept these conditions, you are not allowed to use the website.
  3. Provider reserves the right to modify changes, add or remove at any time from these conditions according to his own discretion. Therefore it is worth to check the Conditions from time to time. All the users are bound to accept the changes as compulsory and binding with respect to the fact that the use of the website means a clear and voluntary acceptance of the modification of conditions.
  4. These conditions may furthermore be supplemented by conditions referring to special contents and activities, which are deemed to accept by using this page.
  5. It is the responsibility of the User to make every necessary preparation for the access to the website. It is also the user’s responsibility to ensure that all the persons entering to our website through him be aware of these conditions and accept same.


It may occur at that access to parts of the website, sometimes to the whole content is subject to limitation and only registered users can use it during this time.

Use of the website

  1. It is impossible to make a list including any case defining the acceptable and not acceptable use of the Website.
  2. Generally it can be stated that Provider doesn’t tolerate the use of the website that impairs or supposedly may impair his reputation, the availability of the site, its integrity or causes any other problem in respect of taxation, regulation or other responsibility or hides the danger of same. Therefore the Provider requests users to respect his website and not to use it unlikely to its function or in a way that might hurt the rights of others or is supposed to cause damages to the other party. The above request includes all persons who enter the website upon your contribution.
  3. Provider reserves the right that in case of improper use or suspect of same of the website
  • may suspend the use of the website or part of it,
  • may disable the access to the website or part of it,
  • may cease the right to use the website or part of it.
  1. After this the improper use of the website shall be noted to the respective authority and to the legal adviser.
  2. Furthermore, Provider reserves the right to disclose all the evidences which directly or indirectly refer to the improper use of this website.

Intellectual property

  1. Every material to be found on the website or is accessible through same, including without any limitation all the texts, images, figures, illustrations, logos, button icons, audio clips, video clips, software and other contents, further their composition, collection, arrangement and classification (Including the look and feeling of the website) are protected by Hungarian and international copyrights and these are possessed, controlled and licenses shall be obtained from the authors or from their authorized license providers by Affidea Diagnostics Ltd. All rights reserved.
  2. The above material can only be viewed on the website. Any other utilization of these material – including their copying, reproduction, modification, sale, distribution, sending, making extracts, re-utilization, takeover, re-publishing, downloading, display, sending, performing or any other kind of utilization – in any way and by any means is strictly prohibited without the prior approval and consent of the owner of intellectual properties.
  3. The use of all trademarks to be found on this website is prohibited without the prior written approval of the Provider.
  4. Every material to be found and disclosed on the website aim a non-commercial utilization of the User. Depending on these conditions Provider grants the User a non exclusive, non transferable, limited right for the access, use and recognition of the indicated material. It means, by using the website no title, right or interest shall be transferred regarding the above material.
  5. Users may, exclusively for their own purposes download and print extracts and they may draw the attention of others to the content of the website. However it is forbidden to modify in their printed or digital copies which they printed out or downloaded and it is also forbidden to use illustrations, photos, series, and video series, figures that can be found on the site grabbed from the original context or without the indication of the source. When breaching the above detailed conditions any material shall be printed, copied or downloaded, the right to use the website can be withdrawn with immediate effect.
  6. The material to be found on the website may not be used for commercial purposes without obtaining the permission of Euromedic or the license owners.

Cases of exclusion of our liability

  1. Diagnoscan makes every reasonable effort that the information of the website should always be updated and complete, however he can not warrant that these information shall be correct and complete indeed.
  2. The Provider makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accessibility of the website for every permitted user, however he can not warrant that it will always be available and free of virus attacks.
  3. The operator of the website is the Affidea Diagnostics Ltd. Neither the Provider, nor one of the license owners or provider of Euromedic shall warrant that the website shall be free of interruptions and defaults, that he will eliminate the defaults and that the website or the server in charge of providing availability shall remain free of virus or other harmful elements.
  4. Affidea Diagnostics Ltd. doesn’t warrant that the material on the website or material placed to disposal by a third party shall be correct, precise, up-to-date and reliable. Furthermore, the Provider shall not be held liable for any damages, losses (including the defects of the computer system of the user or loss of data) which is arising from the use of any referred product, quotation, content or material (including without limitation the downloading).
  5. Any advice or information obtained from the colleagues of the Provider or from the website shall not be basis of any warranty which are not ensured definitely by the current conditions.
  6. By the determination of the exclusion of liability of the Provider the respective and effective legal regulations shall be taken into consideration.

Limitation of liability

By using the website user accepts that Diagnoscan is not to be hold liable for any direct, indirect or accidental damage – including but not limited to loss of profit or contract, loss of revenue or income, loss of reputation, loss of expected saving, data or any other losses. (even if the Provide received notification about the possibility of such damages) – including damages which arise as a result of the followings:

  • the use of the website or the disability to use it
  • links on the website or any other links from or to other websites
  • use of any content or any other material to be found on websites
  • unauthorized access to data transfer of the user
  • any declaration made on the website by third party
  • any other matters concerning the website
  1. The Provider accepts his liability for the case of death or personal injury or the case of deception due to his negligence, further in case the legal regulation in effect defines blame.
  2. If you are not satisfied with any part of the website or with any of these conditions, the only and exclusive solution is to quit using this website on your behalf.
  3. The current conditions do not have any effect on Diagnoscan’s liability in cases when the applicable law determines that his liability may not be limited or excluded.

Trust to the information

  1. It is the aim of the provider that information published on the website be to his best knowledge and experience accurate and consistent. Nevertheless, medical sciences and medical practice are developing quickly and individual cases may need special advices which can not be provided on this website. Accordingly, this website provides indicative information only. It’s not our target to replace consultation with a high-qualified medical specialist. In matters concerning your health, please see your doctor at any rate!
  2. A as intermediary provider doesn’t check the content of an information he has made accessible and doesn’t’ look for facts and circumstances which would refer to performing illegal activity. shall not be liable for direct and indirect damages which may arise from the use of information on our website.
  3. Provider doesn’t warrant that information disclosed on the website may necessarily meet your health and medical requirements. The accuracy of information to be found on the website are not guaranteed, even those may be subject to changes. Consequently, Diagnoscan doesn’t’ undertake the warranty for damages and costs arising from the use of the provided information.
  4. With respect to the respective legal regulation Provider excludes any liability due to entrust in our website.
  5. Part of the website may contain advertisements. The advertising companies and sponsors are responsible that material placed on our website meet the requirements of international and domestic law. Euromedic may not be hold liable for any default or inaccuracy of advertisement material.

Use of the website

User accepts that he must not use the website for the purposes listed below, further he will not make the use of the website possible for third parties:

  • unauthorized access to the website, to the server storing the website, or to any other server, computer, data base which is connected to this website;
  • endangering or infringing the quality and integration of the operation of the website or any telecommunication network;
  • obtaining or collecting information about other persons, including their e-mail address, without their consent;
  • any use for commercial purposes, including direct marketing surveys, competitions, chain letters, spams, undesired letters, advertisement and promotion material;
  • distribution, up- or download or transfer of any material containing virus, worms, or any other harmful and disadvantageous programs;
  • attack of the website through refusal of services; or
  • practice of contrary behavior with the conditions of provisions of any internet provider.


  1. The website contains links referring to third parties. Provider doesn’t undertake the liability for contents on the website of third parties. If the user decides to enter a website linked from a third party, he will do it on his own responsibility.
  2. The provider generally welcomes return-lnks which direct users to our website from their relevant websites, provided that Provider gives his contest to establish such links. Beyond the above mentioned Euromedic reserves the right to refuse the approval to establish such links.
  3. Any link from other websites directing to ours may be presented only in a way that the visit should not be harmful for the visitor’s experience (framing or any other similar techniques.
  4. Regarding links accessible through websites the constructor of the given site shall be considered as the entitled of the author.


  1. Affidea Diagnostics Ltd. is engaged to the data protection and safety of users. Every personal data he collects from you shall be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the company. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the current conditions.
  2. Entering this website users accept that information passing through the internet are not free from the intervention of third parties. Consequently, Euromedic is not in the position to warrant the secret and confidential nature of information regarding the user.

Additional conditions

  1. The current conditions (including the Privacy Policy) manifest the agreement between Affidea Diagnostics Ltd. and you, with regard to the access to this website or any other websites via our website.
  2. Should any of these provisions be in conflict with national or international regulations, so the provision in question shall be invalid separately from other provisions, however the invalidity of this provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.

Governing law

In questions not regulated in this document the following acts and government regulations shall be governing: Act LXIII. of 1992 about the protection of personal data and the publicity of data; Act VI. of 1998 and LIII. of 2005. about the protection of individuals and the electronic processing of persona data; Chapter XVII. of the Act C of 2003 about the electronic telecommunication; Government Regulation 226/2003. (XII.13.) about special conditions data processing of telecommunication providers and the data security of telecommunication services; Act CVIII of 2001. about the electronic commercial services and specific questions of services in connection with the informational society.