CT colon examination


CT colonoscopy can show the minor lesions in the colon and, besides the severe disease (malignant cancer), its preliminary stage, the polyp, can also be detected. Moreover, during the examination, the colon wall and the entire abdomen area as well as other organs in the abdomen (liver, kidneys, pancreas, urinary bladder, spleen, adrenal glands and pelvic organs) can also be clearly seen and their status can be assessed.

During the examination we aim to detect polyps and other abnormalities developed in the colon as early as possible. Polyps are growths emerging from the internal surface of the intestine wall. The main objective of the examination is to diagnose polyps in time so that they can be removed before cancer develops. If the polyp is diagnosed during the virtual colonoscopy, performing an endoscopy, the instrumental examination, is absolutely necessary to remove the polyp.

The greatest advantage of CT colonoscopy compared to regular colonoscopy is that involves a significantly lower risk of intestinal injuries, causes less discomfort thus it can be performed without anaesthesia. While regular colonoscopy only provides information on the internal surface of the colon, CT colonoscopy shows other abdominal and pelvic organs (liver, kidneys, adrenals, urinary bladder, prostate).

Native CT colonoscopy, i.e. examination without contrast material, is only recommended, if the patients have allergy to the contrast material or their kidneys do not function properly.

CT colon screening package:

  • Colon CT examination (CT colonoscopy), with contrast material, with complex abdominal and pelvic examination
  • routine laboratory (liver function, kidney function, blood lipids, blood glucose, complete blood count, ions), urinalysis
In the following Centers: Mammut II.

CT colon examination

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