Screening packages for headaches


Do you often experience headache? Your usual medicines no longer seem to work and headache blocks your everyday activities? Pay enough attention to your headache. Take part in our screening packages for headaches so that we can detect or exclude more severe problems.

Headache is a symptom everyone knows, regardless whether the patient is male or female, young or old, performs physical or office work, is sensitive to weather fronts or not. The causes might be harmless, like increased stress, tiredness, rapid weather change or too little liquid consumption. The causes are different in children and in adults. For the little ones it is most often caused by ophthalmological or dental problems or anaemia, but, fortunately quite rarely, a more severe brain injury or disease might be in the background. In teenagers similar diseases can be suspected, however, in their case high blood pressure, blood glucose fluctuation, and bleeding developed due to insufficient vein development or even drug use should also be taken into consideration.

Primary headache occurs in adults and elderly people more frequently, with high blood pressure, eye and brain diseases responsible for it. If there is no disease in the background, we talk about primary headache, which can be tension headache, Cluster headache or migraine.
The cancerous lesion of the brain rarely causes headache at the early stage, examinations often reveal malformations: cavernoma or aneurysm that might even cause stroke.

When compiling our screening packages we have taken into account that 15-20% or chronic headaches belong to the headaches emerging from the cervical spine. Hence our screening packages for headaches, besides skull examination, contain the examination of the cervical spine.

Our diagnostic imaging screening packages help reveal whether there is a morphologic change in the background.

Cervical spine X-ray, 2 directionsxxx
Native Skull MRxxx
Additional native MR angiographic examinationxxx
Carotid arteries Doppler ultrasoundxxx
Cervical spine MR native scanxxx
Skull MR native & contrastedxxx
Additional not native MR angiographic examinationxxx
Routine laboratory, TSH, transferrinxxx
In which Affidea center is this screening package available?Bank Center, Szeged, DebrecenBank Center, Szeged, Debrecen, Győr, MH EK Dózsa György útBank Center
Price of the screening package in a hospital67 600 HUF90 700 HUF
Price of the screening package in a private centre75 600 HUF99 700 HUF160 350 HUF

Screening packages for headaches