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Specialist consultation on vaccinations

What is the aim of the consultation on vaccinations?

Immunisation is the most effective method in primary prevention. During the consultation on vaccinations, our specialist informs the clients about the risks of preventable infections, as well as compulsory and voluntary vaccinations.

What happens during the consultation on vaccinations?

During the consultation, the specialist decides whether the client can be vaccinated or not, and creates a vaccination plan. Our specialist helps make a vaccination plan for patients with an underlying disease, and also helps with the immunisation of patients with an immunodeficiency.
This consultation is recommended for

  • vaccinating healthy children
  • synchronising and updating international vaccination schedules
  • creating direct and indirect protection for children with an underlying disease
  • family planning
  • planning a trip
  • for everyone as a form of prevention

Vaccination specialist: Andrea Kulcsár M.D.
Time of special consultation: on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Váci Greens Health Centre