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Visszahívást kérek

Remedial massage

Our qualified massage therapist in the Affidea For Men Men’s Health Centre is specialised in the treatment of rheumatic and musculoskeletal complaints.

Trigger point therapy
What is the aim of trigger point therapy?

Trigger point therapy provides a fast and targeted pain relief method to ease your pain. The therapy is mostly used to treat so-called radiating pain in the points which cause the pain. The muscles cramp and their tone increases in the affected area, which causes a radiating discomfort and pain not only in the affected muscle, but further away as well. Trigger point therapy provides solution to the problem without using painkillers or anti-inflammatory products.

How does trigger point therapy work?

In chronic hypertonia, muscle fibres become shorter, and then they stick together to form a “knot”. Thus, they become even shorter, and this self-perpetuating effect is combined with muscle pain. These muscle knots are localised with trigger point therapy, and they are released by applying sustained pressure. This causes the muscle fibres to regain their original length, and the tension is relieved significantly.

What complaints is it recommended for?

Stress induced hypertonia, prolonged sitting, but even chronic inflammation or spine problems may cause muscle pain. So trigger point therapy can be an effective pain relief method for any type of muscle pain, but even spine problems or chronic pelvic problems.

How is the treatment performed?

One treatment involves 3 occasions, once a week. One session takes approximately 60 to 70 minutes.