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Kriston Intimate Training

Exercising the perineal muscles is a successful therapeutic method for treating certain erectile dysfunction problems, pelvic pain syndrome, and also urinary and anal incontinence.

What is Kriston Intimate Training?

Kriston Intimate Training exercise means streching/relaxing and strengthening exercises of the perineal muscles, which leads to very complex results in a short period of time. Our male patients can learn the special movements of Kriston Intimate Training exercises in a pleasant and discrete environment during a 12-hour course in small groups. After completing the course, 15 to 20 minutes of practice (at home) daily is recommended.

What complaints is Kriston Intimate Training recommended for?

Regularly performed exercise has an excellent effect on sexual functions, both erection and ejaculation; it also improves rectal and bowel complaints and conditions such as bloating, constipation and painful bowel movements. It is an excellent natural pain relief method for the treatment of pelvic pain syndrome (chronic prostatitis). It is very effective for rehabilitation after urologic and proctologic surgeries, for example after radical prostatectomy and haemorrhoidectomy.
Kriston Intimate Training exercise is one of the most effective remedies for bladder and bowel incontinence. It helps prevent perineal and pelvic complaints for specific sport activities, such as cycling, body-building, and eliminates symptoms that have already developed.

How can I learn Kriston Intimate Training for men?

Teaching and training is performed in four 3-hour occasions. A mattress, comfortable clothes and firm determination is a must for completing the course. Participants learn the anatomy and function of different muscles in the perineum, as well as the exercises that put certain muscles to work. The course begins with general ideas and continues with the treatment of different complaints and problems on an individual basis.