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Aviation medicine

We perform the medical assessment for professional and private pilots.

Aviation medicine examinations are recommended for individuals whose occupation or hobby requires aeromedical examinations: professional pilots, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, private pilots, parachutists, paragliders, balloon fliers, hang glider pilots, etc.
Our physicians are licensed to issue the following aeromedical licenses:

Category 1: extension/renewal license; we do not issue the prior license for category 1.
Category 2: issuing first, extension/renewal license
  • LAPL-type: first, extension/renewal
  • Cabin Crew: first, extension/renewal
Category 3: issuing first, extension/renewal license

The medical assessment involves physical, ECG, hearing and vision examinations. We offer certain additional examinations (e.g. cardiology, diabetology, laboratory examinations etc.) at a favourable price in the Affidea For Men Men’s Health Centre.
For an aviation medical examination, please bring your

  • identity card or passport;
  • social security card;
  • previous medical certificate;
  • previous health records (previous diseases, discharge notes and reports of examinations);
  • glasses, if you use glasses.

You do not have to arrive on an empty stomach for the examination.
You can apply for the assessment 45 days before the expiry date of your medical certificate; however, your new certificate will also be valid from the expiry date of the previous certificate.