We are a team of talented professionals, deriving expertise from all levels of the company. We strive for excellence and desire to be the best. We consciously set standards for excellence and take steps to achieve them.


We believe that our passion for what we do is the key driver to our success.


We make commitments with care and live up to them. Under all circumstance we do what we have promised to do.


Diagnoscan Hungary shapes its vision along the company’s main values. On the long-term it maintains the distinctive competitive advantage, determinant market presence, renews the strategic competition position and expands the market within the branch of  diagnostic imaging, teleradiology and private service provision.

By keeping the high professional and quality it strives for the maximum satisfaction of patients using the services.

Exploiting the professional skills accumulated at the parent company it will remain an attractive and constantly renewing career opportunity on the Hungarian market.


The mission of Diagnoscan Hungary is set forth along the main values and the company vision. Its target is to remain the greatest and most successful medical provider within the area of diagnostic imaging examinations and teleradiology.

It will shape its processes in a proactive way with consideration of the international and domestic trends in order to reach the personal aims of patients, referring doctors, colleagues and the owners.

With its numerous medical centers, Diagnoscan Hungary represents the excellence of medical services. A full-scale of diagnostic imaging services is provided for our clients allowing for the earliest diagnosis of the disease at the highest possible professional and technological level.

For over two decades the company has been committed to the quality standards of medical services and set forth the recomposition of the relation of private financed medical services and the public sector as one of its primary aims. The company successfully provides essential medical services at the highest European level within the state-managed medical structure and performs its activity in close cooperation with the state authorities.

The company maintains the high level of its activity, while the corporate culture is based solely on the sincerity, integrity and transparency. Efforts are made to create a working environment based on mutual respect, motivation and teamwork, augmenting engagement and performance and being susceptible to the demands of highly-qualified medical experts. Ever striving to secure its employee a safe job, continuous professional development, the opportunity of professional consultations and a cutting edge technological environment, thus strengthening the Diagnoscan family.