Funded by National Insurance


Imaging diagnostic examinations are performed for persons with social security, continously paying contributions and allowances or have a valid legal relationship for any other reason in Hungary on the expense of the social insuracnce (SI).

The majority of patients makes use of our services as ambulatory care, i.e. as an out-patients. Out-patient examinations have been readily financed by the SI to a certain extent only and this is far less than the real demand would require.

With regard to the fact that examinations above this limit are not financed by the SI, most health care instituations and providers – and so do we – take measures to book our examinations. We perform the appropriate amount of monthly financed examinations after summarizing the bookings. But since the demand for imaging diagnostic examination if much higher than what the above limit permits, in some cases patients have to wait for certain examinations several weeks, even months.

Naturally, this waiting time doesn’t apply for urgent examinations. Applying an urgent examination is the duty of the referral doctor, after coinsidering the patient’s health status and in the cases of the clinical status of “urgent demand” defined by the law.

Inpatient examinations are imaging diagnostic examinations for patients staying permanently in health care institutaions. Theoretically there isn’t any limit for examinations of this type. If the doctor of the inpatient decides that imaging diagnostic examination is necessary for the patient, this still will be performed on the day of such request.

In every case the adequately filled out referral and the valid SSN number (social security number) is needed before performing the examination.

The validity of social insurance legal relationship has to be checked in case of every patient.