Egészségmegőrzés 40 felett hölgyeknek


Complex breast examination is essential in our screening package for women over 40, besides mammographic X-ray, which is gold-standard in breast diagnostic, it involves the ultrasound and physical examination of the breast and lymph nodes area. In addition, the chest, the thyroid, the abdominal and pelvic area (liver, biliary tract, kidneys, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, urinary bladder, spleen, abdominal and pelvic lymph nodes) are examined in the standard package.

In our extra screening package the screening examinations were further enhanced with the carotid arteries color Doppler ultrasound examination and with low-dose chest CT examination. With aging, the risk of arterial calcification increases. Patients only experience symptoms when the narrowing of the blood vessels is so extended that blood circulation is greatly reduced. Symptoms occurring at this stage also depend on which blood vessels are affected. The color Doppler ultrasound examination of neck veins can monitor the speed of blood flow in the neck veins and can help reveal the possible narrowing of the arteries that may have an effect on the blood supply of the brain. Compared to the standard package, we also perform a low-dose chest CT examination with the help of which the cancerous diseases of the lung can be screened and detected easier. This examination is performed with 1/3 of the original radiation dose, concentrating on the lung tissue. During the examination thin-layer section images can be taken of the entire lung with one breath, and by doing so, plexuses of only a few millimetres in size can be recognised, their location and size can be accurately assessed. Since the radiation beam comes from more directions, it can examine the most hidden areas (area behind the ribs, apex, thoracic inlet) which are usually less “visible” for the traditional X-ray.

A routine laboratory examination (liver function, kidney function, blood lipids, complete blood count, ions, iron, transferrin, TSH, urinalysis) and bone density measurement (DEXA) were added to our superior screening package. As our body constantly changes, our bones naturally start losing their flexibility. We recommend this package to women who worry about the condition of their bones. Furthermore, women with the history of bone fractures, or who are in menopause or have a family history of bone fracture due to osteoporosis are also recommended having this examination performed.

The screening examinations in the Superior Plus package were supplemented with a CT colonoscopy examination since the risk of colon and rectal cancer increases with age. Performing this examination is particularly important if a family member has already had such diseases.

  Standard Extra Superior Superior Plus
Complex breast examination x x x x
Ultrasound examination of the abdomen and pelvis x x x x
Thyroid and soft tissue ultrasound x x x x
Chest X-ray, two directions x x x x
Carotid arteries Doppler ultrasound x x x x
Routine laboratory, TSH, tumor markers, transferrin x x x x
Chest CT, low-dose x x x x
Bone density measurement (DEXA) x x x x
CT colonoscopy with preparation x x x x
In which Affidea center is this screening package available? Bank Center, Mammut II., Váci Greens, Megyeri út, Szeged, Debrecen Mammut II., Váci Greens, Szeged, Debrecen, Győr Mammut II. Mammut II.

Egészségmegőrzés 40 felett hölgyeknek

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