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Our focus is ensuring that you are the in the safest hands possible because
nothing is more important than health.


fidea has been providing medical services in Ireland since 2007. With three stand-alone centres in Dublin, two in Cork and one each in Kilkenny and Naas, we offer services to patients throughout the country. We also provide Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services in facilities in Sligo and Belfast. Affidea Ireland is part of Affidea International, with 168 medical centres in 14 countries. In Ireland, Affidea employs over 135 full time staff in clinical and administrative roles, all guided by three values: Affinity with doctors and patients. Trust and fidelity in everything we do. Constant progress through ideas and innovation. Because nothing is more important than health. Find a centre near you


Affidea Ireland works with the best qualified medical and technical professionals to maintain our commitment to the provision of a personalised service and patient well-being. In 2010, Euromedic Ireland became the first diagnostic imaging centres worldwide to receive the Standard in Ambulatory Care from the Joint Commission International, The centres were re-accredited in May 2013 with the addition of Euromedic Ireland’s newest centre in Kilkenny. The JCI is an international body that regulates quality in ambulatory care throughout hospitals worldwide. The accreditation was awarded to Euromedic Ireland in recognition of our commitment to excellence in patient care and quality following an extensive survey of our procedures, policies and services. Ann Jacobson, Executive Director in International Accreditation at the JCI said: “The Joint Commission International Accreditation Ambulatory Care standards are intended to stimulate continuous, systematic and organization-wide improvement in daily performance and in the outcomes of patient care. We are delighted to award Euromedic Ireland with this accreditation in recognition of its commitment to provide quality care at its clinics. We will continue to monitor Euromedic Ireland for compliance with all of the JCI Ambulatory Care standards on an ongoing basis throughout the three year accreditation cycle.”