Affidea Global


Affidea, a Dutch holding company, is the leading provider of advanced diagnostics
and cancer care services in Europe with:

168 medical centres across 14 countries.
Serving more than 4.4 million patients annually.
Over 3,250 full-time employees including 585 medical doctors.

Affidea has a strong track record and expertise in serving the full spectrum of patients
– both public and private.

It is the largest, most experienced healthcare provider under the Public Private Partnership
(PPP) model and an integral part of national healthcare systems.

Best in class medical equipment base.

Affidea operates 862 diagnostic modalities, 22 Linacs, 10 Brachytherapies.
and 3 Gamma Knives across Europe.
Longstanding relations with major equipment producers.

Owned by Waypoint Capital, the leading Swiss investor in Life Sciences.