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Patient Survey

One key element of Euromedic’s strategy is to ensure that the patients’ experience is the best it can be. In order to identify patient trends, an ongoing patient survey was conducted throughout Europe via an iPad device. The new patient survey was introduced to 25 centers in all countries and it was completed by 5,780 Euromedic patients overall. The results showed that 85% of our patients ranked our centers with marks of 6 or 7 in a seven scale rating while 99% of our patients would recommend our centres.  64% of respondents ranked our centres better than the competition while 35% ranked us at around the same quality.

Euromedic Romania

From October – December, Euromedic Arad Romania ran two very significant campaigns. The first campaign which is the Children and Teenagers Spinal Diseases Prevention Campaign has been designed to help diagnose spinal diseases in children aged between 9-13. It has been organised in full partnership with the local authorities and National Education Ministry. The main purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness in parents, teachers and family physicians of the high percentage of children who develop spinal diseases, as well as the potential risks associated with the diseases in the future if left undetected.

Over the course of the campaign Euromedic Arad will be offering full support in the form of premises, equipment and specialist M.Ds for investigation and diagnosis purposes. Due to the success of this campaign to date Euromedic Romania plans to extend it next year to its three other centres in Bucharest-Fundeni, Constanta and Petrosani.

The second campaign which took place from 1st to 30th November 2011 was the Lung Cancer Prevention Campaign. This campaign was executed through a partnership with Romanian Cancer League, Roche Romania with the tag line “Breathe deeply and think carefully!” The campaign was designed to educate people on the implications of lung cancer and the fact that if lung cancer is diagnosed in its primary stage it has more chance of being cured.

The purpose of this campaign was to highlight a prevention approach with periodic screening and the importance of a diagnostic scan in identifying the cancer. Over the course of the campaign Euromedic Romania provided a total of 600 free-of-charge Pulmonary X-rays in all of its four centres.

On 1st December 2011, Euromedic Romania launched a new patient fidelity programme, which has been designed to increase Euromedic Romania’s brand awareness and to build a long lasting link between Euromedic’s services and the patients. In order to qualify for the programme a patient must have used a specific amount of Euromedic’s services as set out in the terms and conditions. The benefits which will be offered to the members of the programme are special discounted prices, preferable booking facilities and being enlisted to a periodic newsletter. Another important purpose of this campaign is from the local health market which will promote a change from a current State Social Insurance System to a Private Social Insurance System until 2013. The desired outcome would be a change in public thinking from “I will consult with a medic only if really necessary” to “prevention is cheaper than treating and is more successful”. The whole programme is being supported by a strong advertising campaign.

Euromedic Poland

On 24th September Euromedic launched its fourth Cancer Treatment Centre in Kozalin, Poland. This new centre is equipped with the latest medical technology including: two megavolts linear accelerators, 40-slice CT modality and Brachytherapy HDR equipment, which was all supplied by Siemens Medical Systems.
The new centre has the capacity to treat up to 3,000 cancer patients per year. The company’s medical experts work together to provide multimodality therapy and treat the ideal combination of therapies. The facilities are designed to deliver the diagnostic, treatment and support services needed by patients with cancer, while enabling them to live their lives as normally as possible.

Euromedic Hungary

Euromedic Hungary celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first Euromedic opening which was in autumn 1991. The celebration was marked with a party of Euromedic employees as well as local and international management which was  great occasion for everyone.

Euromedic Hungary also redesigned its website to produce a more user friendly, informative and interactive website (  The result is a better performing website, which has assisted in the increase of turnover from patients.

In order to accommodate the underage patients in Euromedic Hungary a series of comic strips illustrating and demonstrating the purpose and sequence of procedures for the different modalities has been developed. To date comic strips for Ultrasound, X-ray and MRI have been completed and are available for viewing on the Euromedic Diagnositics Facebook

In November Euromedic Hungary installed two digital mammography machines in its diagnostics centre in Szeged.

Euromedic Bosnia and Herzegovina

Euromedic Bosnia held a very successful medical conference on the 27th and 28th October entitled “Radiotherapy in treatment of malignant diseases: purpose and meaning”. The event was attended by nearly 150 people including medical professionals from Euromedic Poland and Bosnia, as well as employees from other radiotherapy centres and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Germany, Austria and the UK.

The primary purpose of the conference was to explain the role and significance of radiotherapy as a method of treatment to oncology patients and how it can be used alone or in conjunction with other established treatment modalities. The emphasis was on the IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy) method of treatment which is a more advanced treatment technique used in all modern radiotherapy centres throughout the world.

During the conference a presentation was given on the first IMRT treatment performed in Euromedic CTC Banja Luka, which successfully took place in September 2011. In addition to the seminar all attendees were invited to the Euromedic Bosnia centre for an organised tour.

The introduction of the IMRT places Euromedic in a category with some of the most advanced radiotherapy centres in Europe. The success of the conference has encouraged Euromedic Bosnia to continue introducing new techniques for the treatment of oncology patients with the aim of continuously improving the treatment of cancer in Europe.

The next conference is scheduled for 2013, after which it will be held every second year.

Euromedic Ireland

Euromedic Ireland has expanded its presence in Ireland with the opening of Euromedic Kilkenny in September 2011. Euromedic Kilkenny will provide the South-East of Ireland with fast access to medical diagnostic scanning facilities in a primary care setting.

This new opening has helped Euromedic Ireland move closer to achieving its goal of delivering diagnostics to communities throughout Ireland and to ensure that people throughout the country are within an hour’s access to an MRI.

Euromedic Kilkenny was officially opened on Friday 18th November by the Minister of the Environment, Community and Local Government, Mr Phil Hogan, TD. Euromedic Kilkenny joins Euromedic Ireland’s four other diagnostic centres in Dublin and Cork: Euromedic Charlemont (Dublin City), Euromedic Dundrum (South Dublin), Euromedic Northwood (Santry, North Dublin) and Euromedic Cork (Cork City Centre). The company also provides MRI services in Sligo General Hospital and the Ulster Independent Clinic in Belfast.

Euromedic Bulgaria

In October of this year Euromedic increased its offerings in Bulgaria with the opening of a new centre in Sofia. The new centre is a multimodality centre equipped with: Mammography, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound. It offers medical consultancy examinations – mammography, gynecology, orthopaedics, dermatology, and a specialist surgeon in internal medicine. It is located in the centre of Sofia and operates as a standalone medical facility. Patients can have a full range of visual diagnostic exams as well as a consultation with a specialist and access to a clinical laboratory. The new centre has confirmed contracts with the National Health Fund and many of the Private Health Insurance Funds.

This new centre is the third Euromedic centre to open in Sofia and there are now 5 Euromedic centers throughout Bulgaria with one in Pleven and one in Stara Zagora.

Euromedic expands its presence in Turkey

This year, Euromedic expanded its services in Turkey with the acquistion of Unimed in Istanbul. Unimed was established by General Surgery Specialist, Dr. Ergün Özgüç and Dr Sungur Çıvga.  In 1990, Dr  Özgüç and Dr Çıvga were attending to patients at the same office on Bağdat Avenue, Istanbul. Following six years of enviable professional experience, they established Unimed to provide patients with a more comprehensive consulting offering from one single source, including internal medicine and surgery, acupuncture, gynaecology, urology and paediatrics, all assisted by ultrasound and laboratory services.

In record time, doctors with expertise in various branches joined the team, while the technological infrastructure gradually improved, triggering the substantial growth of Unimed. Proportionally to this growth, Unimed also had to enlarge in size physically and additional floors of the current building were structured for Unimed services.

Unimed’s reputation grew rapidly and in 1993-1994 it moved towards a more corporate identity with the applications for contracted institutions and private health insurance.  It achieved remarkable success with its Breast Centre, which opened in 2002.

I would like to officially welcome Unimed to Euromedic and look forward to building this great business in the year ahead.

Euromedic Croatia

Also expanding at this time is Euromedic Croatia who have recently acquired an additional clinic in Poliklinik Cavka in December 2011.  We wish them all the best of luck with growing the Croatian business.

Euromedic Czech Republic

Euromedic Czech republic has introduced a new Euromedic VIP Club for its partners and co-operating physicians. Members of the new club will be informed and invited to  interesting social events, selected exhibitions, cultural events and culinary nights. A detailed calendar of events is available

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