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By Thursday November 3rd, 2011News

Radiology departments world-wide are moving towards filmless radiology environments in order to increase speed and efficiencies and reduce the margin for error in diagnostic imaging.  Euromedic Ireland is now delighted to announce that it has made the ground-breaking move to a filmless environment with the establishment of its teleradiology service.
Euromedic Ireland currently operates four diagnostic centres in various locations throughout the country.  The availability of teleradiology means that scans at any of these centres can now be viewed and anaylsed from one central hub by a pool of radiologists with varying specialities.  This is a ground-breaking initiative for Euromedic as it provides greater access for patients and referrers as well as cost saving opportunities for the company.
Euromedic Ireland also installed a new MRI scanner at its state-of-the-art centre in Cork.  The new scanner will work alongside the existing open bore MRI to provide almost 100 MRI scans a day for patients in the south of Ireland.

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