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By Thursday November 3rd, 2011News

There have been many structural changes resulting in key managerial appointments throughout Euromedic in the first half of this year.


In April, we established the Euromedic Group IT Department, headed up by our Business Applications Director, Ian Lennon.  This is a key management appointment reporting to the CFO.  The primary responsibility for this role is to provide planning, development, implementation, operation and drive continuous operational improvement programmes.  Ian, who is well known to the Information Technology community, has demonstrated his leadership as the Chief Inofrmation Officer (CIO) for Euromedic Ireland for several years and for his design of the now Group standard ‘call centre applications’ in Ireland.


Assisting Ian in his role will be Paul Nestor who has been appointed as Business Applications Project Manager.  The primary responsiblity for this role is to provide Project Management for Business Applications in various countries including:  infrastructure development, problem solving of infrastructure and applications issues, data migration, application change management and promoting information technology change throughout the organisation.


In Switzerland, we have appointed a new COO, Robert Gonzalez and CFO, Isa Cansu.  Gonzalez and Cansu will replace Bernhard Schutz and Thomas Hiestand, who I would now like to thank for their great support and wish them all the best in their future and professional lives.


In Italy, we have appointed Stefano Gariano as Chief Operating Officer.  Stefano will support the CEO in Italy’s business development strategy and in the strategic management of our operations across Italy.

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