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By Sunday August 14th, 2011News

Dear Colleague,


Welcome to the second edition of our Employee Newsletter.


In this edition, we are delighted to announce the closing of the sale of the Dialysis business, which was officially completed in June.  I would like to thank all our dialysis employees for their contribution and wish them all the best for the future.  This is a key initiative for the company as we continue to grow and develop our cancer treatment and radiology services and facilities across Europe.


As you may be aware, we have also launched our Patient Survey Initiative Europe-wide, which aims to glean information from the hundreds of thousands of people who pass through our centres daily.  The Survey is being piloted in all centres via the very vest technology available, which will make it easier and more convenient for patients to complete.  Each country has been issued with a target and once these targets are met the data will be analysed by the Group.  The results  will be made available to all countries to provide us with invaluable insight into the trends of our patients.


We are also delighted to announce the establishement of our training programmes, including a ‘Leadership Development Programme’ that commences on the 9th – 14th October.  The programme has been set up to develop and mentor future leaders in Euromedic to provide them with the skillset required to manage continuous change within the Company.  It will consist of five days of training and development with leading experts in Change Management, Planning and Decision Making.  In Q2, we set up our Kaizen Leader Team which will improve operations within our centres throughout Europe.  We will update you on the progress of these schemes in future newsletters.


Finally, there have been plenty of changes both structurally and commercially within the Group and our various Divisions, some of which are outlined in this newsletter.  I would like to welcome all those who have joined the company and to thank all those who have moved on for their hard work and committment to the Company to date.


Warm regards,

Richard Di Benedetto

Chief Executive

Euromedic International

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