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By Monday July 4th, 2011News

At the end of June Euromedic Diagnostics Hungary opened its latest imaging diagnostic centre in one of the busiest shopping centers in Budapest, the Mammut II. The aim of the unusual venue choice is to bring this medical service closer to people by breaking the trend of referral to hospitals or clinics. This initiation may be labelled as unique in one respect as no CT equipments have been installed outside medical institutions yet. Accordingly this is the first centre in Hungary, where complex imaging diagnostics services are available in a civil environment


The SZEGED centre of Euromedic Diagnostics Hungary will support esential scientific research in the coming months, beginning with the use of MRI to study the neuronal responses in the inferotemporal cortex of Macaque monkeys.  This research will see two to three monkeys scanned per annum to find the critical plane for anatomical orientation in the monkey brain (the plane connecting the external auditory canals and the lower ridge of the orbit).  Histology verifies the aiming of the electrode and the usage of the MRI.  Further studies to take place in SZEGED include:  a study of the rat brain and Archaelological-CT and Relaxometric Studies of Magnetic Fluids.


In addition, Euromedic Hungary has expanded its Marketing Team to strenghten the image of Euromedic Hungary and to enlarge the private patient clientele.    A feasibility study and a marketing policy supported by market research were created within the project and target groups will be identified following this research.  Results will be reported in the next newsletter.

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